Yoga and Meditation

New! Cabarete Maravilla Eco Lodge welcomes our new Master of Yoga and Meditation. Join us for our yoga retreats and meditation classes on the week beach , package per person per week start at usd 690 with Vegan food and all classes included in double room occupation!

We invite you to live and enjoy the millenarian science of yoga, beginner therapeutic type, in communion with nature in our wonderful installations in Cabarete Maravilla Eco Lodge & Beach with the beautiful sea and its relaxing sound. Come when you want to see your group or individual class, in our temple or in the open air. Yoga is a physical and mental discipline, which will help you relax, release emotional stress and restore balance between body and mind. Therefore we invite you, to find an authentic retreat, where you can easily find inner peace. Our objective is to remind you and make you feel that the calm exists. We remind everyone who wants a relaxing week that you can request our weekly schedule,
writing an Email to:, and we will send you our program!


Totally happy and grateful to be alive

Daily schedule and course rules

6.30 h
Wake up
07.30 h
Day 1: Presentation Day 2: Meditation with Mantras,
Day 3: First Conference, Day 4: Silent Meditation (guided),
Second Conference, Day 5: Meditation with Mantras,
Day 6: Third Conference, Day 7: Final Meeting
08.00 h
08.45 h
Asanas y Pranayama
12.30 h
14.00 h
Special reading for happiness
17.00 h
Conference: correcting homework for happiness
18.00 h
Yoga with guided meditation
20.00 h
Meditation with Mantras
20.30 h

There may be occasional changes in the daily program.
It is recommended that students do practice with 2 hours after feeding.

The student will learn basic yoga postures with personalized attention.
In the conferences, you will be familiar with the principles of yoga philosophy.
This program is part of the service offered by the hotel regularly.

Welcome always! This will be your first week with us! You’ll go as new and totally happy and grateful to be alive.